According to current trends and choices, preserved and dried flower arrangements have become one of the biggest floral trends. Preserved and dried flowers are a more convenient and great alternative as they last longer and look beautiful.

We've been getting many questions from customers about the difference between preserved and dried flowers. So, we have put together some information to make things clear.

Dried Flowers

The best technique to dry fresh flowers is to leave them dehydrate naturally by getting rid of their natural moisture. Once they are completely dried, their appearance becomes duller, the petals become brittle, and the colors fade, leaving behind beautiful yet simple tones. There are a variety of methods that you can follow to dry flowers, such as air-drying, which means hanging the flowers upside down in a dark place for an extended time until they are fully dry. If you have small flowers, you can press them by placing them on matte paper and seal them. You can then place them under a book and leave them to dry. Check on them after a week, and once they have developed a paper-like texture, your dried flowers are ready for decoration.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are more professionally dried through a sophisticated procedure. These flowers are left in a water and glycerin solution, and the sap in the flowers is replaced by glycerin to retain the natural and fresh appearance of the flowers. This procedure makes the flowers look like they have been freshly cut while, in reality, they are preserved.

How long do Dried and Preserved flowers last?

If taken good care of and handled with love, they can easily last between 3 to 5 years or even longer. The best thing that you can do to extend the lifespan of your dried and preserved flowers is to keep them away from heat, sunlight, and humidity.


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