DIY Dried Flower Set


We put together a value DIY pack of our top sellers so you can have fun creating this gorgeous bouquet for your home. This DIY kit includes 30 Stems of pampas grass, a bundle of phalaris, bunny tails, and mini star flowers. Once it is arranged it can look stunning in the living room, nursery, bedroom, office, or be part of your wedding decor.  


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When you receive this pampas grass it will be condensed in the package. You can place them in the bright place for a few days to a week. The plumes will open up and your pampas will look full. You can also use a hairdryer, on a high heat setting, for a few minutes, for pampas grass to open up. To arrange this bouquet, we suggest placing each flower individually into the vase. You can also remove small pieces of grass from the bunny tails with scissors. In order to remove the dust from your floral arrangement, you can simply use a hairdryer and blow cold air on your flowers.
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