Beaded Boho Wreath


Simplistic, semi-monochromatic, and perfectly crafted, our beaded Boho wreath offers a deliciously bohemian vibe to any space. This all-year wreath is the perfect accent to your home, office, or occasion, and makes an incredible gift for a loved one on their special day or holiday.

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MATERIALS: Wired Hoop, Pampas, Ribbon, Dried Lagurus, and Wooden Beads.
SIZE: There are two wreath sizes available: 22" and 27". The measurement is taken from tip to tip. Attached to 14" or 19" wired hoop.
It’s normal for pampas to press during shipping. When you receive your wreath take it outside, gently shake it/or use a hot hairdryer to fluff your pampas. During the re-fluffing process expect your pampas to shed but once it's on the wall, the shedding is minimal unless it's hanged in a windy environment. You can also use an aerosol hairspray occasionally to reduce pampas shedding. I use the best quality natural color (no dye!) pampas grass to create this wreath, it's light, silky, fluffy, and not dry. Pampas hues, shades will change depending on the light in the room. During the bright day, it will have lighter and whiter shades of hues. In the evening, darker environment, pampas hue will look more beige. Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration.
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