Pampas-Eucalyptus Wreath


This is a stunning ever-popular Farmhouse-inspired wreath. Very elegant and chic at the same time, featuring lux pampas grass, lagurus ovatus, preserved eucalyptus, and a mix of dried flowers. It's a perfect minimalistic wreath with a touch of green color. It can be a very beautiful gift for someone special!

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HANDCRAFTED MATERIALS: Wired Gold Hoop, Pampas Grass, Ribbon, Dried Lagurus Ovatus, Preserved Eucalyptus and mixed of dried flowers
SIZE: This wreath available in 3 sizes: 15”, 22”, and 26” measured from tip to tip. Attached respectively to 10”, 14” and 19” wired hoop.
WEIGHT: 1 lbs.
Dried flowers are very delicate and do not like moisture. If they're exposed to water some discoloration might occur.
Dried pampas naturally shed. You can try lightly misting with aerosol hair spray occasionally.
If you are purchasing this wreath as a gift, we can include a hand-written card on your behalf. It will add the extra personal touch for someone special
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