Preserved Eucalyptus

The soft, gentle, and comforting clean scent of eucalyptus remains one of the most popular aromas throughout the world. The neutral and subdued tones, the thematic and structured leaves, and the beautiful rustic colors of natural eucalyptus is an ideal addition to any home, whether in a vase, added to a bouquet, arranged in a wreath, or hanging alongside the shower for maximum benefit.

Bundles *
The stem measured approximately 23"
SETS: 10, 20, or 30 (Best Value!) stems
Eucalyptus are natural products and can vary in both size and color.
We inspect and examine each of our eucalypti before shipping to ensure each piece is open and beautiful. However, during shipping, some leaves can fold downwards, you can simply run your fingers through the stem a few times to open them up.
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