Brown Pampas Grass

Whether decorating your home, adding a splash of style to your office, or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, our smaller pampas grass offers a chic and compact design. The brown pampas grass got a beautiful natural colour (no dye or bleached), and it's a perfect size for the vase.

Sets *
SIZE: The stem measured approximately 23-25”

COLOURS: Available in brown, white (bleached pampas), and pink (dye) colours

SETS: 15, 30, or 50 stems.
When you receive this pampas grass it will be condensed in the package. Please place them in the vase under the sun for approximately 2 hours. The plumes will open up and your pampas will look full. Do not blow-dry them with a hairdryer! Pampas are natural products and can vary in both size and color. Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration. We inspect and examine each of our stems before shipping to ensure each piece is straight, not broken, and beautiful. You can trim them easily with scissors.
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